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 Rent Guarantee ProgramLeaseGuarantee is receiving an overwhelming demand for its service nationwide from tenant and landlords alike, which is no surprise, given almost 39,000,000 rental units in the United States and 1 out of every 4 adults having poor or bad credit. These individuals with poor credit have difficulty qualifying for a rental because landlords are reluctant to accept the risk that comes with renting to these tenants. Meanwhile, landlords are left with vacancies for extended periods of time because they can’t find qualified tenants.

To meet this ongoing demand, LeaseGuarantee has partnered with the American Apartment Owners Association to launch its program to rental owners and managers. The program aims to help both tenants and landlords in the leasing of single-family homes and multifamily rentals. By providing landlords with a guarantee up to $10,000 on a lease, LeaseGuarantee almost eliminates a landlord’s risk when renting to a tenant with questionable credit.

LeaseGuarantee, backs a lease for landlords considering tenants who may have poor credit due to a short sale, a bankruptcy, inconsistent employment, a long-term health issue or other circumstances. Typically these tenants are able to afford the rental payment for the new residence they seek. However, superficially their credit scores and financial profile do not readily qualify them with the prospective landlord. In addition, they may not have enough money upfront to cover the cost of a large security deposit.

In these cases, a landlord can invite a tenant to purchase a low-cost LeaseGuarantee contract whether the tenant seeks a single family home, condominium, townhouse, or apartment anywhere in the United States. LeaseGuarantee. uses a proprietary algorithm process with state of the art information services to achieve low default ratios that maximize company profitability.

This rent guarantee service allows landlords to shore up cash flow and reduce vacancy rates without increasing risks. Historically, once a landlord uses LeaseGuarantee they start to accept more tenants and see their cash flow improve. Landlords and property managers seeking more information about LeaseGuarantee can visit

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