Real Estate Investment Secrets, Part Three of Twelve


an interview with Ron Brock, Sr., President and CEO: Pierce Eislen

Dallas photoAs many savvy investors know, Pierce Eislen offers real estate market research needed to evaluate investment properties.

Subscribers receive current and complete information on specific properties with 50+ units, and current market conditions for the area with a few clicks of the mouse.

While their servicesare available of anyarea, Pierce Eislen directs its attention to the West, theSouthwest, andit currently expanding into the Southeast, specifically Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Ron’s first rule of thumb: “Each market is either improving or declining.A marketmay be improving slowly or declining rapidly, but it is never static.”

An investor needs to identify their objectives, and find the corresponding market.

  • A slow growth market may allow the best potential for stable rents. This is the place to look if your objective is cash flow.
  • High-growth markets like Phoenix, where the population is burgeoning, allow for higher appreciation. But be careful, Ron warns. “It could go the other way just as quickly.”

Within the markets identified as consistent with an investor’s objectives, Ron finds a submarket with potential properties.

  • “Look to where the properties have higher potential than currently realized. A great example is a cluster of apartments where the rents don’t reflect the new improvements in the area. The rents haven’t yet been adjusted upwards.”

While Ron finds some potential properties from broker listings, over half of the properties sold are off-market.

  • “Most investors will find the property they want, then approach the owner for the sale. You’ll still pay market value, and probably still need to work witha broker,but it avoids“a beauty contest”over a new listing, and maymean the difference between getting the property and losing it in a biddingwar.”

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