an interview with Daron Campbell, Managing Partner: RE/MAX Commercial Real Estate

Daron-CampbellThe top-selling commercial agent in California, legend Daron Campbell has sold over $1 Billion in real estate, and oversees over 70 agents.  In addition, Daron has built up his own personal investment portfolio, and currently owns nineteen apartment buildings. 

How did he do it?

This UCLA graduate studied economics, then spent some time with Marcus and Millichap, focusing his attention specifically on the commercial market.  “In L.A., there are always more renters than there are apartments.  It was clear that the commercial market would always be growing.”

Daron quickly caught on to what he describes as “inefficiencies” in the commercial market.  While one building owner charges $700 a month for a typical one bedroom apartment, the owner across the street is commanding $850 for a similar unit. “There are great discrepancies in the perceptions of building owners as to the actual potential of the property.” 

But what an owner determines to charge for rent will affect all the factors for valuation: gross rent multiples, costs per unit, costs per square foot, and even the capitalization rate calculation.  A property commanding low rents, even with a tired appearance, can often be repositioned for a profit in as little as 18-20 months. 

Hear more about Daron’s strategies, including:

  • how to apply them to your market
  • how to build your commercial investment portfolio even if you need to start small
  • how to contact Daron Campbell directly

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Check back for next week’s feature, “Finding the Right Real Estate Broker”, an interview with David Potarf, Director, National Multi-Housing Group: Marcus and Millichap.

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