“QuickBooks For Landlords” Course: A Huge Hit With AAOA Members (Here’s Why)

Written by: Mark Smolen

Hello my friends at the American Apartment Association,

I want to thank you for all your support during 2019. Dozens of members have thanked me for the most helpful landlord video course available to help rental property owners and managers: QuickBooks for Landlords. Many members who purchased my course have expressed appreciation regarding the simplicity and clarity of the material. They all reported that it really “saved” them after being lost in QuickBooks.

Mark Vernon, QuickBooks for Landlords student since April ’19

There’s a story that really stood out to me, from Henry Vernon, that I’d like to share – and I think many of you will relate to his frustrations with QuickBooks before taking my course:

“I am so deeply thankful to Mark Smolen for his course, QuickBooksforlandlords.net, for helping me and my family finally get straightened out and get control over the finances of our rental properties. I thought I knew QuickBooks before I took Mark’s course, but he has taught me so much and it’s so much more clear and finally makes sense from the point of view of a landlord. His course is the only one that shows you how to use QuickBooks for rental property management which is slightly different from the way it’s normally used in a merchandising retail or service business. That was the issue we were having that Mark really saved us from.

I also want to give him a special thanks for creating a brand new video that he added to the course when I told him I had a situation that was not yet included. Very often I give rent credits to tenants who perform necessary services for the property. I have found that this is something that helps both of us. The only problem I ever had with that arrangement was how to record it in my property books and records so that the records reflect everything that’s actually happening. When I told Mark, he relatively quickly added a new video to the course that makes recording and handling that situation so perfectly easy as well as having the records and QuickBooks clearly show the context of everything in that arrangement.

I would strongly recommend this course to any rental property owner who wants to use QuickBooks because it really is better than industry-specific software for rental property management.”

Designed for Landlords Like You

Like Henry pointed out, managing accounting for a rental property is different than managing accounting for a retail storefront. Other QuickBooks courses are not designed for landlords and can end up causing you to waste your time learning irrelevant QuickBooks features that aren’t applicable to managing your rental. With QuickBooks for Landlords, you can easily learn how to generate bookkeeping reports even if you’ve never studied accounting, IT, or QuickBooks. After taking this course, you’ll be able to confidently keep management records of all your properties on QuickBooks.

Topics Covered in this QuickBooks Course

I’ve added brand new topics to the course based on questions frequently asked by AAOA landlords like Henry. Every aspect of rental property management and landlord record keeping is clearly explained and demonstrated in the proper order to maximize learning and understanding. Even property owners who consider themselves “not tech-savvy” have been able to master their own record keeping with the QuickBooks for Landlord’s courses.

I’ll teach you how to do ALL of these things using ONLY QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks file set-up from scratch for rental property owners and managers
  • Designing and giving rent receipts to tenants
  • Recording rent payments
  • Recording automatic invoices for rent earned
  • Getting details of a tenant’s payment records
  • Applying tenant’s payments to rent invoices
  • Manage past due rent and problem tenants
  • Calculating Income, expense, and profit and loss by apartment
  • Applying tenant’s deposits to expenses that tenant’s cost you
  • Refunding pre-paid rent when good tenants move out
  • Recording deposits from property management companies
  • Recording and managing property leases
  • Recording purchase, sale, and property Improvements for “Flipping Houses” and “Flipping Property”
  • Calculating and recording mortgage payments, interest, and escrows
  • Finding and fixing any mistake in your QuickBooks records
  • Special topics for mobile home community owners to be in compliance with state regulations for billing electricity and “bed tax” for manufactured homes
  • How to “write off” a tenant who becomes uncollectible
  • Using the management tools in QuickBooks such as the: reminders, to-do lists, and calendars

Submit Questions to a QuickBooks Expert

As an added bonus, purchasing this course allows you to submit questions and feedback to a QuickBooks expert for free. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this, like Henry Vernon did. Not only do I enjoy meeting AAOA members, I use your feedback to make our course even better for you and countless other landlords.


I’m thrilled more property owners are finding that they don’t have to buy an expensive rental industry accounting software to manage their rentals. QuickBooks is the tool that has what you need, but if you don’t know how to use it like a landlord, you’ll miss out on the value it offers. It really is the best way to manage your financial records, tenant records and property financial statements (when you know what you’re doing). I promise to make it simple.

I Iook forward to hearing from more of you this year.

This highly reviewed and easy-to-use accounting solution is available at www.quickbooksforlandlords.net

Author Bio:

Mark Smolen has been a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor Since 2011. In 2015 he created this YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/worldwidequickbooks that has reached thousands of landlords who want to learn about QuickBooks. Smolen’s extensive experience began when he taught Computerized Accounting at A.S.A. College from 1993 to 2008.