Property Manager, or Concierge?

 It’s not exactly like having a personal concierge, but the president of Oasis Corporate Housing says a corporate housing representative can make life in short-term rental housing easier. And that can translate to into happier customers.

“Our service doesn’t end when we’ve secured a great home for someone,” said Steve Frey, president of Oasis. “We work with our guests to make their stay as easy as possible. When you have your representative’s phone number and know someone’s there to look out for your interests, it relieves most of the stress of living somewhere new. We’re here to help.”

Based in Tampa, Oasis offers temporary furnished apartments and other housing in 46 states in the United States and in 27 other countries.

Frey says customers should know that their housing consultants can make them feel more at home in their corporate apartment or other extended-stay housing. He offered three examples:

Guest Services (almost like a concierge) — Frey said too many people call the apartment office with questions. They should be able to call their corporate housing representative. Whether it’s getting the Wi-Fi working or finding services, the rep should be ready to help.

“Corporate housing is a hybrid between apartment and hotel living,” said Frey. “Our clients expect a more high-touch experience. Onsite leasing professionals are there to lease homes, not be concierges. Our people know the local area and are ready to help. We want to be that concierge.”

Easing the application and moving experience — There’s no getting around it: Moving is traumatic. Corporate housing professionals know how to make it go smoothly. “Our goal,” said Frey, “is that our clients arrive and can go to work the next morning because everything is perfect.”

Oasis representatives also work with clients during background checks. “We remind people that going through background checks assure that your family is in a safer place,” says Frey. “It would bring me great comfort knowing that my family is someplace where everyone has been vetted.”  Oasis helps by explaining the minimal paperwork involved with the rental and the move.

Making it easier to go home “ It takes more to move out of a temporary home than leaving the key on the table and closing the door behind you. Leaving involves giving the apartment complex a notice of vacating, usually about 30 days in advance.

“It’s a lot to remember,” said Frey. “When you rent directly, the onus is on you. If you forget to notify, it can be very expensive.”

Oasis learns when their tenants plan to vacate and starts working with the client 35 to 40 days before that date to see if there are any changes. Oasis then works with the landlord to assure that the exit is smooth.

“You have our phone number and you can call at any time,” said Frey. “Your corporate housing firm should be almost like a concierge. We know how to resolve most issues.”

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