Pitfalls to Avoid when Maintaining and Entering a Rental Unit

legalEvictions are an extremely frustrating and time consuming experience for landlords. Current and proposed laws and legislation provide tenants with the tools necessary to remain in possession of the unit while keeping landlords at bay with no cash flow.

Learn about best practices from Michael A. Brennan and the Brennan Law Firm in their free seminar “Maintenance, Habitability, & Landlords Rights of Entry”. Ask relevant questions and meet Mr. Brennan at the Income Property Management Expo on March 15, 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

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Their in-depth knowledge of unlawful detainer actions and landlord-tenant matters allows them to anticipate the tenants’ next move and to deal with it in a manner that puts you back in control of your unit as fast as the courts allow.

The Brenan Law firm represent landlords exclusively in every aspect of landlord-tenant matters, including initial lease negotiations and drafting, to unlawful detainer litigation.


Attend this seminar and discover:

  • A Landlord’s obligation to provide a habitable premises –  “The Warranty of Habitability”
  • A Landlord’s maintenance and repair obligations during the tenancy
  • A Tenant’s maintenance and repair obligations during the tenancy
  • The Landlord’s inspection rights
  • Pitfalls to avoid in connection with maintaining and entering the rental unit.

This is a great opportunity to learn from the best in their field. This will be one of several seminars at the Property Management Expo, so don’t miss out!