On the Shores of Walden Pond

LakeFormed as a kettlehole thousands of years ago, Walden Pond has seen it’s share of history and celebrities.

Paul Revere fell short of his destination of Concord that fateful night, but his co-patriot Dr. Prescott escaped the British by seeking shelter in the woods near Walden, and eventually made his way to alert the townspeople: “the British are coming!”

Henry David Thoreau spent his quiet days writing on the shore, and Ralph Waldo Emerson contemplated politics and philosophy while watching birds glide across the crystal waters of Walden Pond.

In the 1990s the nearby woods were being considered for a real estate development, until Eagles member Don Henley stepped in and lobbied to make the area a park. As a result of his efforts, the woods remain undisturbed.

Walden Pond is one of our oldest treasures, and one of the earliest to be protected by the conservation movement in the United States. Today, swimmers can enjoy a break from the heat and birdwatchers can take in their fill of the migrating flocks that call Walden Pond home. Simplify, simplify, Thoreau wrote. Good advice still today.

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