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classroom101Renters now have a social networking website that allows them to grade landlords and rate properties. The site caters to students, and also provides listings for rental properties near college campuses. launched a couple of weeks ago. The site’s creators, two Indianapolis-based entrepreneurs and former college kids, wanted students to have a place to go to grade landlords and the condition of properties available for students to rent.

Students have the opportunity to grade landlords on a traditional grading scale of A, B, C, D, and F in six different categories: Party Tolerance, Security Deposit Return, Contract, Timeliness, Kindness and Maintenance, and properties on a 1-5 star scale.

Inspired by that allows students to share opinions for choosing a professor, has the ability to aid students in their decision to choose a landlord and rental property.

If a student comes across a rental property but sees that the landlord of that property does not have the best grade, the student might second guess going with that property, said Montesano. This website makes the entire renting process easier.

The landlord has the ability to really make or break your rental experience. I™ve witnessed many instances where students were cheated by their landlord and I™ve also witnessed instances where a landlord was amazing, gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with other college students in hopes of helping out one another, he said.

So far, the site boasts 44 pages of landlords. While many are not yet rated, there are a few who have already received a bad grade. A landlord near Western Michigan University failed nearly every category and earned the anonymous comment, “place was a mess.” Yet, a Dayton landlord proved more popular, earning a 3.6 overall, with an “A” for party tolerance. Still, one tenant complained, “not happy with the way we left the house.” Landlords have the option to offer a rebuttal to a reviewer’s comments.

The site also allows students to find a large array of rental properties located near their college campuses.

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  • Karylann72*

    My spouse and I, as landlords for some 12+ years, interview applicants and check references VERY CAREFULLY because we cannot afford the expenses of ruined apartments and lengthy legal evictions. Some tenants believe landlords are “rich”–forgetting the owner’s expenses: real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance; we include heat and lawn/snow maintenance, as well, and every new tenant comes into a completely fresh, clean, safe apartment. Fortunately, most tenants are fine people who respect the premises where they live. Landlords need a tenant-rating website, or perhaps tenant-rating could be added to this website?????

  • steve w

    oh, so let me see. a landlord will be graded down because he/she won’t allow the property to be treated like a frat house?? so define party friendly please. honestly entertaing guests should be ok, but party friendly should not be. if i look out for other tenants by not allowing a party to go into 2am, i will be not party friendly?is that a bad landlord or a conscientious one?
    i think somebody needs to grow up a little.

  • Hi Dear, I have reviewed your blog, Just beautiful. I will need your service immediately.

  • Earthlife

    1) Renting is collecting – you collect money!
    2) The Deposit covers damages so if your landlord has a 150 unites and charges a 1,000. In deposits – that is a lot of money on hand
    3) If the landlords also ask for last month’s rent -say 900 to 1,200 again that is a lot of money on hand

    Their side is to keep the premises up to standards. Outside that not much else goes down

    If you are a tenant the LandLORD really has a lot of power even if they are scum to just incompetent, you sue them, they give you bad references. You demand your rights and they give you bad references. They have you by the balls in this. The rule of landlords- for the most part, they offer you a space that is clean and after that you can shut your mouth about ( dangerous environments) or Safe environments

    Essentially – Pay the rent, if you have to leave, pay the rent and get out at a loss. How many of you have 10,000 to get a lawyer?

    Land(lords) are outside the infrastructure issues or outright discrimination are LORDs. They collect money the way the old aristocrats -made the serfs pay rent on land or tax – collecting cash.

    Rating them or fighting them is really not worth unless you got air tight case.. or real reason they will simply bad mouth you-

    If you deal with this on next application — write cover letter. Explain why you left.

    For most part if you have your own place there is only the rent to deal with if you Roommate you got social pathology to deal with and the landlords to not care about it even if the housing unsafe and out of control. In many situations of drugs use, guns, underage drinking and more – they do not care it is on you. You fight it out: it could go wrong for you. The landlord might just evict everyone and clear house. They could evict you. They could end your lease, lose your lease. Lot of nasty things and you do not have time to mess with it.

    Landlords, are not into logos, pathos or ethos, or into conflict resolution, collaboration or any form of dialogue on any issue. In fact approaching them in this manner makes them worried you might be thinking

    The Housing is just collecting rent, they collect as a tax or food in the past from the farmers… they do not want anything but this.

    Power goes to those who can legally fight them to stay or to arrange a safe place, but once that is done

    ———-They will put you on the unspoken list on the computer or they do by word of mouth or – kill in the reference department even if you paid all rent and left 20 days early and paid them the rent: They own the gates an the Keys to living spaces… Power

    ——— Rating them, what is the point

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