New Phone App Makes Property Showings Safer

Would You Pay $1.99 for Your Own Safety?

landlord helpAn Austin, Texas real estate agent has responded to an increase in crime against real estate professionals by creating her own phone app.

Im not an overly technical person and definitely not a programmer, says Michelle Jones. I developed REAL ALERT to satisfy my own safety needs and quickly realized that it is a perfect solution for anyone, regardless of age or profession, that wants to protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations. Im confident that it will help save lives.

The National Association of Realtors reports an increase in crimes against real estate agents in recent years. Landlords have also been subjected to this increase in crime, ranging from minor thefts and assaults to rapes and even kidnap and murder. Local media coverage of one of these violent attacks prompted Michelle to develop the app. Ive heard about attacks against agents for years, but seeing the local coverage of the violent attack of a San Antonio agent really scared me. I didnt want to be the next victim, says Michelle.

Real estate professionals who show properties to prospects are particularly vulnerable to criminal attacks, yet searching for an existing solution, Michelle came up empty-handed. This forced her to get creative and come up with one of her own.

From one screen, REAL ALERT allows you to save precious moments with Quick tap Call 911 and a Quick tap ALARM to ward off potential attackers. It allows you to speed dial your emergency contact with Quick tap ALERT A FRIEND. You can use it to LOCATE the nearest HOSPITALS using your current GPS location and record CREEP DATA ” details about a suspicious person before they are forgotten.

REAL ALERT is currently available on iTunes at a price of $1.99. It is listed in the Lifestyle category and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. REAL ALERT is available for download at:

The Michigan Realtor Magazine advises that “The first step in preventing any crime is the knowledge that it can happen to you.

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