New Low-Flow Technology Helps Dry Up Costs

by Ilana Nevins

Cat in showerHelping the environment isn’t all dried up.
With low-flow faucets, your tenants not only use less water, but they save more money.
Although it may seem that the greater the pressure, the less water used, it’s not always the truth. However, new low-flow faucet technology compensates for the pressure and provides equal water regardless of the pressure used.

Low-flow systems incorporate an air-water mixture which uses high pressure to make it appear as if more water is coming from the faucet than really is.
  • Many low-flow faucets are easy to install and can reduce water heating costs and consumption up to 50%.
  • Property owners can also install aerators that enable water to be turned off directly at the aerator.
Since about 73% of water used in showers is hot water, the amount of money and energy saved can be substantial.
Low flow faucets and showerheads are available at most hardware stores: faucets for $5 to $10 and showerheads for $8 to $50. Free showerheads and aerators are even available at local DWP customer centers so you can smile a little brighter next time you see the water bill.

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