New Apartment Search Service Has Unique Way of Hooking Up Landlords, Renters

RentSocial is a new kind of online apartment search service that simplifies and socializes the process of finding an apartment.

By providing current and potential residents with helpful tools and resources that are unavailable on other apartment search sites, RentSocial is a one-of-a-kind online experience.

Yield Technologies, an industry leader in apartment marketing software and creator of, launched RentSocial last week, working with eight of the top 10 property management companies in the U.S., and with over 1.5 million units to choose from on launch day,

The driving force behind creating RentSocial was to build an online experience that connects property managers to potential residents in a more compelling way, said Eric Broughton, President and COO of Yield Technologies. RentSocial is a hybrid of our expertise and success in the apartment marketing software space combined with the most engaging features of todays hottest social media platforms.

Current online rental services are mostly advertising-driven and promote a one-way dialogue. RentSocial is aiming to change all of that through a series of features that make the site unique to the industry:

Search and Compare: This feature allows potential residents to compare up to 10 properties at once ” viewing floor plans, pictures and amenities. RentSocial allows users to create free, personalized profiles that make it easy to share and discuss options with roommates, gather feedback from friends or receive an ˜okay from parents. This function then goes to the next level of social sharing by allowing users to create status updates and follow the communitys activity feed for individual property pages.

Transparent Ratings and Reviews: RentSocial offers a revolutionary rating and review experience for apartment seekers. Implemented through the profile feature, a RentSocial user can declare that they are a current resident of a community and”once a property manager confirms that status”the resident can post a review of the property for everyone to see. Any review marked RentSocial Verified Resident means that the person who wrote the review has been verified as a resident of the community. In addition, a person is able to rate the property attributes on a 5-star scale, giving potential residents an authentic depiction of how current residents view the property.

The ratings and reviews system was a must-have feature from the first day we started developing RentSocial, Broughton said. Theres simply no better way for a potential resident to explore a property, or for a property manager to showcase their community, than with true testimonials from existing residents.

Online Rent Payment: RentSocial has forged a partnership with to create a seamless rent payment system for both the resident and property manager. is Americas leading electronic payment processor for the multifamily home industry representing more than 3 million apartment units. By offering this service to residents and property managers, RentSocial becomes a one-stop-site”from the apartment search through the lease and beyond.

Additional functionalities of RentSocial include:

Online rent payment
Ability to invite friends to join RentSocial via social media platforms
Browse the Community Q&A and Blogs that provide unique lifestyle detail about the property, neighborhood and local cultural vibe
Private messaging with friends and neighbors
Customizable profile privacy setting
Submit maintenance requests online once you are a resident of a property

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