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More Convenience and Security with Smart Access

Have you ever considered improving both your rental business and your tenant experience with a deadbolt? We did! And we called it MojoLock.

Originally designed exclusively to work with ShowMojo, each MojoLock smart deadbolt:

  • Works seamlessly with ShowMojo’s self-show automation.
  • Delights residents with their own smartphone access and shareable access codes for guests.
  • Enables third party agent access, vendor access, and more.

MojoLock is built right into your door and provides secure, affordable, and flexible access technology. It requires no internet connection and no additional equipment (like a hub). Installation is as simple as any mechanical deadbolt.

Think about it. If a smart home is for your house — thermostat, lightbulbs, doorbells and the like — then smart access is focused on just your door. The opportunities and benefits are remarkable.

Simple and intuitive operation directly from a mobile app or by entering an access code on the keypad.

Access via a MojoLock is extremely versatile with access code restrictions by hour, by day, and for up to 28 months.

Keyless access for residents that can not only be a benefit to the resident but can also lead to truly key-free rentals (and all the cost savings that come with it).

Self-shows are even easier when residents don’t need to tangle with fussy lockboxes and loose keys.

MojoLocks are transferable when a home is sold or moved between property managers.

Seriously, imagine the possibilities and savings that occur from not having to distribute keys, collect keys and rekey.

Using MojoLocks for smart access is one of the many ways that Leasing Automation can improve your bottom line, reduce your market times, and delight your staff and prospective renters.

Keep reading. We’ve saved the best news for last. MojoLocks can now be purchased and used completely independent of ShowMojo. While that does mean there’s no Leasing Automation to go with them, there’s also absolutely no usage nor recurring fees. Buy standalone MojoLocks and you are free and clear to:

  • Manually manage your own self-showings.
  • Distribute access codes to residents for long-term access.
  • Distribute access codes for vacation rentals.
  • Provide access to third party agents, vendors or anyone else who needs it.

Now anyone can leverage the power of smart access. Purchase them now at