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Many California landlords are now required to implement on-site recycling programs for their tenants.

The Renters Right to Recycle Act requires an owner of a multifamily dwelling with 5 or more living units to provide paper, plastic and can recycling services to their tenants.  The law went into effect July 1.

The intent of the Act is to provide a convenient recycling opportunity for the nearly three million Californians residing in multifamily dwelling units who currently do not have access to recycling services at their place of residence.

An owner can apply for an exception for properties where there is inadequate space for recycling containers, or if the law creates financial hardship.

Some waste managements departments are offering the bins and pick-up service without added charges.

A survey of property managers around the state by the local news proves that many apartment buildings already have a recycling system in place ahead of the July 1 deadline.

Those managers who were aware of the new rules told reporters they were largely in favor of the law.

Others landlords had not yet heard of the new requirement, but say they are in favor of it — as long as the program doesn’t increase the costs of trash removal.

One landlord told the paper that her rental property lacked the space for a recycling bin, but she decided to remove a trash container to make room.
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