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 Two Michigan tenants are being sued for $2 million in damage to their apartment complex that they allegedly caused while trying to  cook a squirrel.

According to a news report, a woman and her boyfriend allegedly agreed in the lease to cover smoke or water damage at the property.

Extensive damage occurred after the boyfriend used a blow torch to burn the fur off the squirrel. He then left the hot torch next to a plastic plant holder while he went inside to finish cooking his game, more info

according to the report.

Before the couple realized what was happening, the fire had spread out of control.

Thirty-two units were damaged by the blaze, according to the report. The two insurance companies that covered the losses are suing the couple for negligence. While the woman was not aware of the events leading up to the fire, the insurers claim she is still liable under the lease contract.

It likely will be some time before the dispute moves through the courts.

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