Landlords Ordered to Speed Up Storm Repairs

New York City Mayor Bloomberg says some landlords are dragging their feet when it comes to restoring power for tenants in properties ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

The mayor said during a recent press conference that about 6,000 multifamily units were located in the hardest hit areas.  While basic services have been restored to most of those buildings, there are  many tenants who still languish without heat, water or electricity.

The mayor told those landlords they must either step up immediately and make those repairs, or sign up for the city’s Rapid Repair Program.

NYC’s Rapid Repair Program, which the mayor describes as “an unprecedented approach” to storm recovery, provides emergency restoration service.  The program is funded by FEMA,  and is offered to property owners free of charge. Landlords using this option are assured they will receive prompt service from the city’s team of preferred contractors and can avoid the risk of price gouging.

Bloomberg says the city will “do what we have to do” if landlords do not respond to the demand for immediate repairs. One option if a landlord does not sign up for Rapid Repair is to have the city restore needed services and then bill the landlord.

New York City landlords interested in learning more about the Rapid Repair Program can call 311 or visit the city’s website at

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