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One of the secrets to being a good property manager could lie in also being a landlord.

Coronis senior property manager Kelly Parr toldResidential Property Manager that owning a property herself has helped her relate to clients and deal with them in a more personal manner.

“It also puts clients at ease when they know that I also own my own investment and know exactly what they are dealing with, and the stresses they may have to deal with, at any given time,” Ms Parr said.

She said knowledge and empathy are two of the most important qualities for a property manager and a property owner.

“As a landlord, you’ve got to be educated and up-to-date with current legislations so you can work with your property manager to make sure the property is compliant at all times.”

As a property manager, it’s important to remember that clients are handing over control of a valuable asset and to empathise accordingly, she added.

Ms Parr said combining both roles has turned out to be mutually beneficial for her.

“I love both sides and I believe owning my own investment property has only helped me in my career in real estate and to be the best property manager and team leader I can be,” she said.


Source: RPM

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