Landlords Battle HOA’s Eviction Policy

 A Peoria, Arizona HOA is making things very difficult for homeowners who wish to rent out their properties. Many landlords struggle to find and keep good tenants as it is, so when the HOA unilaterally threatens to evict tenants, that’s not good for business. According to a news report, this HOA’s “Crime-Free Lease Addendum” gives it the power to order a landlord to evict any tenant who engages in criminal activity — or violates a community rule. The addendum also names the HOA as the “sole judge as to what constitutes criminal activity.” This HOA is also trying to regulate tenant background checks, including a requirement that landlords share the renter’s private information with the Association. Landlords fear this may violate the law. The Association’s management claimed in a statement that they are only trying to prevent crime in the area and that similar efforts have been supported by law enforcement and “reputable” property managers. They also say that, while they have yet to evict any tenants under the rule,  the addendum has been effective in reducing crime in other neighborhoods they manage. Time will tell if this policy will be successful, or if it will simply be a burden on landlords. But some landlords are already afraid that this rule is going to make it hard to keep a renter in their property —  if that renter could get evicted for forgetting to pull weeds one week. American Apartment Owners Association offers discounts on products and services for all your property management needs. Find out more at