Landlord Threatens to Raise Rent on Obama Supporters

Daily Newspaper shutterstock_1272343108An apartment manager in Colorado Springs, Colorado made headlines this week when his tenants leaked a letter he wrote them to the local news.

In the letter, the landlord blames the U.S. electorate as well as the Obama Administration for what he calls an assault on small businesses. He explains that, due to “upcoming inflation and other market forces”, he has reduced his staff’s work hours and lowered their pay, and will need to increase rents.

As a result, he told tenants to expect rent hikes.  He asked those tenants who voted for Obama to step up, as they will be the first to experience rent increases.

Tenants have confirmed to reporters that no rent increases have occurred yet, and many are taking the news in stride. They describe the manager as “quirky”.  He ended the letter by wishing the tenants Happy Holidays.

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