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Home · Property Management · Latest News : Landlord Gives Easter Bunny the Boot
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Would you evict a tenant over a marshmallow ‘Peep’ pyramid?
One Colorado landlord was faced with this dilemma.
Easter bunnyThe tenant was asked, but refused to take down an edible Easter decoration that she displayed in the common interior hallway outside her apartment door.
The display remained for two and a half weeks after Easter.
While the tenant claimed she had the support of her neighbors to maintain the decorations, the landlord feared the display would attract insects and otherwise prevent him from keeping the building safe and sanitary.
The tenant received a notice informing her that the display violated terms of her lease.
After the tenant’s continued refusal to take down the sweet-tasting display, the landlord did it for her.
In retaliation, the tenant refused to pay her May rent. The landlord filed an eviction action for failure to pay rent.
The tenant has retained an attorney and is challenging the eviction proceeding in court.
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  • Kim Ezzell

    Hi Rennie,
    Thanks for your comment. This case has not gone to court yet. I’ll watch for the outcome and report back. Kim/AAOA

  • Kim Ezzell

    Rennie Gabriel said at June 26th, 2009 at 10:32 am

    I was looking for the outcome of the case with the manager who threw away the tenant’s Easter display after the tenant refused to take it down 1.5 weeks after Easter and then would not pay rent and is now facing eviction. Has that been settled?

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