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A Taxing Question
Arm wrestlingThe debates are over, and the 2008 Presidential Election is now heading into the home stretch.
The economy is issue number one for Americans, and taxes are a critical factor.
Each candidate has presented a different tax plan.  But we want to know what you think!
Which candidate’s tax plan will be more beneficial to landlords?
Weigh in by placing your comments below.
Watch for more Crucial Tax Tips for Landlords in next Tuesday’s newsletter.
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  • Uzzell

    Because I don’t make over 250k I think Obama’s plan would fit me better. And I do think that those that make way over that 250k should be taxed @ the same precentage WE have been over these last 8 years. And for those companies sending our jobs overseas, SUPER penalize them ! That has really punched a hole in our economy !

  • Bobbi

    I don’t think either candidate’s plan is good for the economy, but I think John McCain’s plan is better. Those who make over $250,000 are already paying a higher percentage of taxes than those who make less and I do not believe in redistribution of wealth. I believe the money you or your company earns belongs to you, not the government or people who did not earn it.

  • Jean

    I only know that Obama has no clue how he’s going to reduce taxes for 95%. He proposes TRILLIONS of new entitlements and redistribution of wealth from the hard working people EARNING the money to give it to the ones that want a hand out. His plan will KILL small business and along with it goes MANY jobs which will hurt everyone !! His plan will also keep jobs going off shore since we have the second highest taxes in the world…. why would business want to stay here? Reduce taxes on business and watch the flood of money come back in. The presidents job should be to enhance the business climate, not destroy it. Take a look at Ireland… 11% taxes and the money is FLOODING into that country. We need some lessons !!

  • Sortaridats


    I am new on this aftnastic forum

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