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Brandishes signs: “Drugs and Sex for Sale 24/7”

 A Cincinnati landlord is desperate to force city officials to clean up the street outside his rentals.

For the second time, he has purchased signs, giant, brightly-colored banners, to display his message. One reads “Drugs and Sex for Sale.” Below, the sign reads “We need help!”, along with the phone number for the local police.

The landlord told the news that he is fighting this battle on behalf of his remaining tenants. One tenant told reporters that she is afraid of walking home because of harassment from the 20 or 30 loiterers who hang out in the adjacent lot, which is owned by the city.

A tenant describes the lot as having uncontrolled weeds, litter, a fallen tree, and abandoned car tires.

Along with the harassment, tenants complain of drug deals and prostitution taking place in the neighborhood in plain sight.

The strategy appears to be working. Now, cars entering the dead-end street have been taking note of the signs, and leaving the area. A city litter patrol officer recently was taking note of the property. The city says it will soon post a “no trespassing” sign on its property so police can remove loiterers.

The landlord told reporters he’s done this before, and had good results.

City officials were quick to point out that they are working to help the landlord clean up the neighborhood, but expressed disapproval of the signs.

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