Landlord Accused of Hiring Biker Gang to Drive Out Unwanted Tenants

Tenants in a converted commercial building in Brooklyn claim that the owner hired a biker gang to drive them out.

Life in the bohemian lofts changed abruptly when the bikers, members of the Forbidden Ones, moved into the ground floor apartment.

The move came as the city and the landlord battle over his allowing “artist” residences in what was a commercial building.

Since then, existing tenants say they now must live in fear and are subject to the disturbance of raucous biker parties. One tenant told the news that her friend was assaulted when she tried to take a picture of the gang’s activities on her cell phone.

According to an attorney representing several of the tenants, the landlord hired the gang to drive away other building tenants who have statutory rights under New York City’s loft law, which protects tenants who accepted rentals that lack proper zoning.

Members of the gang confirmed to reporters that they were hired — offered both money and a place to store their bikes — so long as they drive the other tenants out.

The landlord denies the allegations.  He says he wants the bikers gone, too.


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