Jury Says Landlord Not Liable for Child’s Injury

Daily Newspaper shutterstock_1272343108 A jury this week decided that a Gardiner, Maine landlord was not responsible for the alleged lead poisoning of a child who had lived in one of his rental properties.

There was no causal link between the possible exposure to lead and the injury, the jury members concluded.

According to a news report, the lawsuit initially included claims that two of the couple’s children suffered injuries. However, one child was dropped from the suit.  The children apparently suffered from slightly different disabilities.

While there was evidence of lead present in the rental home, the jury didn’t believe that the lead exposure was the reason for the child’s impairment, according to the report.

Maine has a large inventory of old homes, and the presence of lead paint is not uncommon. This may have contributed to the jury’s decision.

The family’s attorney told reporters she was baffled by the verdict, and may appeal.

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