Is it a Tenant’s Responsibility to Replace Your HVAC Filters?

To ensure longevity of your HVAC system it is essential to replace the air filter(s) on schedule. Filters left unattended past expiration can cause unnecessary and costly HVAC system repairs, but how can you be sure your tenants are actually replacing filters on time? You may include it as a tenant responsibility in your lease, but enforcing this lease term is another story.

In response to this issue, some property managers and owners have developed HVAC air filter replacement programs that either involve providing the tenant with the air filters or changing the air filters for the tenant during routine site visits. However, there’s a major problem with both these strategies. Standard V pleat air filters only last three months, so you would either have to increase the number of site visits or trust that that the tenant has changed the filters themselves on schedule. air filters offers an inexpensive alternative to solve these problems.

Get Filters with Longer Life air filters are guaranteed to last six months matching the average site visit time frame. If a standard V pleat air filter is left in longer than three months, it starts to lose airflow efficiency causing the HVAC system to work harder and longer shortening the life of the system. Leaving old filters in for extended periods of time can restrict airflow to a level that freezes up the AC system causing major damage.

Provide Tenants with Better Filters

If you prefer the tenant replace the air filter it is best to keep track of when filters need to be replaced and provide the correct size filter to the tenant. For property managers and owners managing several units offers services to help you keep track of which units are due for air filter replacement. ships the required filter size directly to the tenant so you don’t have to. You can also include air filter delivery in a renter benefit package, requiring the tenant to pay a low monthly fee bundled in the overall rent payment. Renter benefit packages typically also include services like renter’s insurance. This strategy generates additional revenue per door and helps protect the HVAC system.

Which Filter is Right for Your Rental? sells Camfil Farr 30/30 air filters in 1” and 2” depth sizes. The Farr 30/30 is the most efficient and longest lasting air filter available. All of our filters are rated Merv8A, proven to maintain Merv8 efficiency though-out the six-month lifetime. The material used is twice as thick providing huge dust holding capacity. Our filters use Radial pleat technology instead of V pleats and have more pleats per linear foot.

Radial pleats distribute particles more evenly across the media instead of concentrating in the V pleat. Having more pleats per linear foot creates more surface area. Additional surface area improves airflow helping the HVAC system fan work less, saving energy. Our filters provide superior CFM airflow performance. There is a link to our CFM airflow chart at the bottom of our home page.

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