Investment Company Offering Rental Income Guarantee

2 Years Guaranteed, Regardless of Occupancy

A new investment program now guarantees two year’s rental income on new homes — regardless of occupancy.

Prices start at $97,500 for a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath fully equipped new home that includes property management and tenants.

Ron Black of Texas Investor Homes says he has developed a solution to the age old management problem of “tenants and toilets”.  Black works with new home builders in key markets across Texas to provide a completely turn-key, two year program for real estate investors interested in buying turn-key rental homes.

According to Black, “We have solved the long distance investor problems of buying and managing rental real estate outside of your home market. Our program includes everything: Fully equipped brand new homes at an affordable price, tenant placement, lending resources and property management.  Plus, we go one step further and have the builder actually guarantee the rental income for a full two years. You no longer need to manage a rental property in your back yard to achieve high yields and great returns. This program has opened up strong rental markets in Texas to real estate investors across the nation.”

Texas Investor Homes is associated with affordable new home builders in key housing markets in Texas known for stability, job growth and strong cash flow. Black says his program is the greatest gift to real estate investors since the low down payment loans of previous years. “You cannot do this in many other states. The cost of land and skilled labor are too high. Our goal is to work with builders who can deliver a product in the low $100’s, fully rent ready.  New construction uniquely attracts higher quality tenants who will pay higher rent. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. You can achieve higher rents and less maintenance with less tenant turnover on brand new homes. What more could an investor want?”

Texas Investor Homes specializes in providing turn-key, high cash flow, low cost new construction homes in Texas markets for investors across the USA. Their specialty is creating rental programs that achieve high yields with little personal involvement from the real estate investor. For more information visit,

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