Injured Tenant Claims Rooftop an Attractive Nuisance

Daily Newspaper shutterstock_1272343108 The family of a nine-year-old boy who was allegedly thrown off a rooftop terrace by an older child is suing the landlord, claiming negligence for failing to monitor the space.

According to a news report, the older boy was charged with attempted murder for what is suspected to be an intentional act.

The victim was able to identify the perpetrator before lapsing into a coma. The boy, who fell 50 feet, is expected to recover, according to the report.

The father’s attorneys allege that the rooftop is an attractive nuisance, and as such, should have been more closely supervised by the landlord, according to the report.

Attractive nuisance is a special theory of negligence which applies only to injuries of young children who are unable to properly assess risks, including conditions found on properties.

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