Incentive Program Attracts the Best Tenants

 Property managers at The MNM Companies in Florida are offering a unique Tenant Reward Program which they say attracts highly qualified tenants, increases tenant satisfaction and retains financially responsible tenants year after year.

The program provides tenants who have paid their rent on time for a minimum of six consecutive months and passed property inspections with cash rebates of 2%. The reward is paid to the qualifying tenants by the management company, making this an amazing perk for the landlord.

There are dozens of property management firms offering referral rewards and gifts, but we offer cash; now that is something that will grab the attention of current and future tenants, said Natalia Peysina, founder of MNM Companies.

Every owner/landlord has three main concerns; payments wont be received on time, renters may damage the property and that the eviction process is timely and costly. The Reward Program helps eliminate the first two concerns and MNM Companies takes major precaution in the beginning stages by qualifying tenants which drastically decreases the chances of eviction, said Peysina.

This program is just one piece of MNM Companies bevy of residential property management services in southern Florida. Other services include rent collection, maintenance request coordination, tenant qualification process, lease enforcement, monthly income and expense reports of investment properties, 24/7 secure access to Owner Portal which contains all information about property, direct deposit, property inspections, email confirmations, handling of eviction procedure, complimentary second year lease renewal and even PRO-Concierge services TM which collects rent right at the door.

For more information about MNM Companies property management services or their Tenant Reward Program, contact Natalia at 786-597-0111 or Natalia(at)MNMcompanies(dot)com.

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