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HUD is taking steps to eliminate radon exposure in renter-occupied homes by issuing two new policies that will incorporate radon testing and mitigation into HUD programs.

HUD estimates the move may help prevent some of the estimated 21,000 lung cancer deaths radon causes in the United States every year.

HUDs Office of Multifamily Housing new policy requires radon testing and, if applicable, mitigation for most new FHA-insured construction, conversion and substantial rehabilitation projects, as well as most FHA-insured refinance transactions.

Radon testing and mitigation is not required for refinance projects located in low risk areas, or if a certified Radon Professional determines that radon risk is sufficiently low for the project.

We are confident that this policy will effectively mitigate the risks of radon exposure for residents of FHA-insured multifamily housing in a sensible and cost effective way, said Marie Head, Deputy Assistant Secretary of HUDs Office of Multifamily Housing Programs.

The notice published by HUDs Office of Public and Indian Housing informs Public Housing Agencies about the risks from radon exposure, and points out that the best way to mitigate radon is to prevent it from ever entering a building. The Notice strongly encourages Public Housing Agencies to proactively plan and complete radon testing and mitigation.

These two HUD Offices have started a policy movement we hope all owners of multifamily housing will consider, said Jon L. Gant, Director of HUDs Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control.

More information on the Multifamily radon policy is available on the HUD website.

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