How to Stop Your Tenants’ Number One Complaint

How often have your tenants complained about noises from the adjoining apartment? Thin walls are the number one tenant complaint in this country.  You’ve heard it: “the TV’s too loud” or “the couple upstairs won’t stop going at it.” Are you tired of refereeing your tenants?

TentA new product can end this property management nightmare, and the annoyance of these tenant complaints.

SPAT’s, or spousal argument tents, are not new. Married couples have been using them for years to settle disputes. But thanks to recent innovations, these handy partitions are now readily available and easy to install into apartments.  And they are not just for couples any more – roommates and friends can use them, too.

Here’s how it works:

A tenant comes home and their spouse won’t stop berating them for forgetting to pick up the kids from soccer practice, again. Trouble is, they live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb the neighbors. Step into the soundproof SPAT enclosure and the two of them can argue in complete privacy. Better yet, a tenant can lure their spouse inside the SPAT, and then enjoy the rest of the apartment in peace. Or, they can lock themselves inside and enjoy total serenity.

Additional Features

SPAT’s can be equipped with mini-fridges and come standard with cupholders. An Eddie Bauer sports version is available that seats up to six and has room for the big-screen. Tenants can shout out an endless stream of expletives while they watch the game, secure in the knowledge that the neighbors – and the landlord – can’t hear them.

DoghouseA smaller version, seen to the right, is available for the price-conscious consumer.  These can be purchased in advance, and stored outside for use when needed.

A traveller’s version, seen below, allows you to take your SPAT on the road and enjoy the same privacy you get at home.

YurtWhat’s next for SPAT’s developers?  “We’re working on a product for parents- portable time out tents, or TOT’s, for kids who get disruptive when you are away from home. It’s in the developmental stage -there are still a couple of legalities we need to work out.”

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