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There is a cheap and easy way to restore it.

Cigarette photoVickie Nagy, a real estate broker from Danville, CA found herself faced with trying to lease a property for a client that smelled strongly of cigarette smoke.

“It was unrentable,” she explains. “I called the client and suggested we contract with professional cleaning companies to get quotes to remove the odor.


But the landlord’s chosen solution was to go online and look for a cheaper solution.


“And you know what? It worked!”


Here’s what to do:

    • Purchase a large package of Styrofoam bowls (“32 cost us $1”), and


  • a half gallon of white vinegar.


Place the bowls about 1/4 full and set them every few feet.


If the odor still lingers after a couple days, freshen the vinegar in each bowl.


“By the weekend, the home was in showing condition and we actually leased it within a very short time,” Vickie reports.


Some items in the house — fabrics in particular — like draperies and carpets likely will still have to cleaned.


Thanks to Vickie for sharing her tip. If you are looking for a realtor in the Danville CA, San Ramon CA, or Walnut Creek CA areas, you can contact Vickie at


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