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How to never take a maintenance request again.

What are your top 3 distractions keeping you from building wealth? For over 92% of apartment owners, maintenance is on that list. Not only is handling maintenance a distraction, but emergency situations can directly hit your bottom line if they lead to property damage.

If maintenance is the #1 roadblock to keeping your focus on building wealth, how can you NEVER take a maintenance request again? Dealing with tenant calls, scheduling work appointments, and handling emergency issues adds up. Let’s talk about how to get it off your plate.

(left to right, Ethan Lieber, Will Gordon, Jullian Chavez, founders of Latchel)

The secret to never taking a maintenance request again.

Latchel. Never heard of it? This proptech startup, backed by Y Combinator,  is the only tenant troubleshooting service in existence and apartment owners are leveraging Latchel to offload all their maintenance. This startup that you probably haven’t heard of coordinates maintenance on over 29,200 units across the USA.

How’s it done?

The first step to never taking a maintenance request again is to never take a tenant call again. Latchel takes all those. You get a dedicated Latchel phone line to give your tenants. They call that line for all their maintenance requests. Great, step 1 solved. You never have to be on-call again – no more late night calls, no more weekend disruptions. What’s step 2?

Get a team of experienced technicians on the phone with your tenant to troubleshoot the issue. Latchel does that when your tenant calls in. They have a team of former property managers and maintenance techs on the phone with your tenant to do a comprehensive deep dive on their maintenance issue. Fingers crossed that they fix the problem on the phone and save you money. Latchel even gives a real life preview of their maintenance troubleshooting if you’re curious in trying it out.

What happens if Latchel can’t troubleshoot and you’ve got an overflowing toilet at the apartment? Go to step 3. Latchel troubleshooters will dispatch one of your favorite contractors to get the issue fixed. No worries if you don’t have contractors in your rolodex. Latchel comes to your aid armed with a national network of contractors and handymen. Their troubleshooters will get someone out to the apartment within 2 hours for emergency situations and get the maintenance problem fixed.

But seriously, never deal with maintenance again?

Never touching a maintenance problem shouldn’t be your long term goal. You still need to be making important executive decisions related to your apartment buildings. However, when it comes to building wealth, you should only be focused on the “executive” decisions. Get the nitty gritty off your plate. Keep your focus on the impactful things.



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