How to Make Your Company Website Search Engine Optimized

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ScienceMost online companies either have teams of individuals focused on Search Engine Optimization which is equal parts art and science or hire outside consultants to the tune of five figures a month to continually optimize their sites to maximize their rankings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

It is impractical for the typical owner/manager in the multifamily industry to hire an SEO consultant, so it is recommended to make sure that the essential SEO ingredients are part of the initial AMS templates or design.

A few basic rules about SEO:

a. Put keywords in the title. Try to place keywords relevant to the site in the page title. This will give the search engines a better idea of what the site is about and allow searchers to quickly determine whether the site is relevant to them.

b. Use headings. Headings give some structure to the page and make searching for relevant information quick. Try to place some relevant keywords in the headings, which give a clue as to what the paragraphs below them are about.

c. Use alt=”” tags in images. Images can’t be understood by search engines, so you should provide a description of the image in text. You can do this using the alt attribute of the HTML image tag. For example:
<img src=”dog.jpg” mce_src=”dog.jpg” alt=”Dog jumping into the air” />.

d. Use META tags. META tags within the page describe what the document is about, provide relevant keywords and define a language.

e. Use a site map. This shows all the pages of the site. Add the site map to Google’s and/or Yahoo’s site map service.

Additionally, once the site is up and running, the best way to increase its ranking is to garner back-links from logical, good-quality referring sites, such as local employers, colleges and universities and military bases.

These links should be directed to the most relevant part of the site, such as the search results page for the properties near that employer, or the specific property that might be in close proximity to a particular military base. In general, the more you have links deep in your site, the more Google will consider them valid and give you credit.

SEO will help a company’s website show up in the search results for vacant rental units. SEO can be very technical, but just following these basic rules and it will go a long way.

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