How To Implement Video Troubleshooting for Maintenance Requests

With all of the implications surrounding Coronavirus, handling maintenance requests has come with some new struggles. Residents and maintenance providers may feel unsafe or uncomfortable fulfilling maintenance work orders. Which is why Latchel has released a new feature that allows for video-based troubleshooting. 

At Latchel, we’re able to resolve or de-escalate around 30% of the maintenance requests that come through avoiding the unnecessary dispatching of vendors. This not only saves our customers time and money, it helps keep residents and maintenance vendors out of harm’s way during Coronavirus. 

Whenever a maintenance request comes through to the Latchel call center, our team can send through a video call link to be able to see exactly what the maintenance problem is and more efficiently walk the tenant through resolving the issue. Residents don’t have to download anything, they simply get a link via text message. Once they click it, they’ll be in a video chat with the Latchel team on their mobile browser. 

Below is a snapshot of how this feature looks in real time: 

We’ve seen that we’re able to save our customers an average of $180 per unit per year on maintenance costs through proactive troubleshooting. This feature is available to those who are utilizing Latchel for maintenance coordination. Depending on our customers needs, we have a few different options for coordination services – our most popular being our 24/7 Home Assistant which not only gives maintenance coordination at zero cost, but also helps generate new revenues of $4/unit/month. To take a look at our other maintenance coordination services, you can head to our website

We’d love to chat with you about how we can help you create more efficient maintenance coordination and help you generate new revenue while we’re at it! If you’re interested in talking with our team about options for utilizing our maintenance coordination services with video troubleshooting, you can schedule a time to chat with us here