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Abandoned sofaThere’s the tenant who ‘forgot’ his trashed furniture and personal items when he moved out, or the previous owner who never cleared out the property before he abandoned it to foreclosure.

Maybe it’s the remains of a remodeling project. Paying the construction contractor to haul it is expensive. Hauling it yourself is expensive. Even storing a dumpster is expensive.

With all the regulation on disposal, these abandoned items are not easy to get rid of — and it’s only getting harder. That stands in the way of making money on your real estate investment.

There are many logistical and financial challenges to properly disposing of junk –drywall, scrap wood and old shelving, for example, says expert Tania Hall. Each city has a unique set of waste disposal laws and facilities, so businesses operating throughout neighboring jurisdictions may find themselves juggling with diverse rules and regulations.

Transfer stations are often inconveniently located with limited dumping times and can have long line ups making it difficult for most businesses to dispose of their own waste in an efficient manner, she continues. Taking the time to donate still-usable items to a charity becomes unthinkable in a slow economy when time truly equals money.

Containing the junk is also a problem. Roll-off containers often require special parking permits, securing space and organizing a drop off and pick up time, not to mention other people who often take advantage of the container, Tania explains. And if a business is trying to improve its environmental practices, a container doesn’t allow for items to be sorted before being dumped in the landfill.

The solution that many businesses, including real estate investors, apartment owners, and contractors have discovered is an all-inclusive junk removal service. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the largest junk collection company and they offer turn-key service: they will load, clean up, and haul away your mess. The service can be available same day, and off-hours including weekends. Whenever possible, they recycle and donate any salvageable items to charities, often finding new homes for old office furniture and donating clean scrap wood to schools and hobbyists to name a few.

AAOA negotiated a discount rate with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? as part of our member buyer discount program, Super Saver. With the Super Saver program, AAOA members receive 10% off of junk removal services over $100. In addition, members also receive discounts on other programs. New partners are being added all the time. Our Premium members receive a free Super Saver account. For more, see Super Saver.

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