Get $100 From Sprint, Plus Discounted Plans

AAOA now offers a discount buyer’s plan that can save you serious money on everyday business needs.

Leveraging the power of our large membership base, we have teamed with Staples, FedEx, and Sprint to offer you deep discounts that you won’t find elsewhere on phone, shipping and office supplies.

Ten dollar billsThrough June 30, 2009, Sprint is offering $100 to AAOA members who transfer service.

In addition, if you purchase a qualifying plan, you will receive discounts from 17% and up on service plans, including special discounts on corporate plans.

FedEx is offering up to 50% off its standard shipping prices with the AAOA Super Saver plan.

Staples is offering AAOA members access to its exclusive “Unbelievable” catalog, featuring over 4,000 items at significantly lower prices than the standard catalog, plus free shipping on orders over $50. Be sure to order your free Unbelievable catalog when you place your first order with Staples.

“These are some of the best discounts available,” says Dan Page, AAOA’s Business Development Director.

The new Super Saver plan is available to all AAOA members. If you are a member, just log in and follow the Super Saver icon to sign up. Super Saver is free for Premium members. Other members can add on the program for just $19.99.

See more at Super Saver, or look for the Super Saver icon on the site at

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