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Internet crime sceneDear Readers,

Our crime has been solved, thanks to your clever detective work.  After months of watching in horror, Im afraid Louisa May finally snapped when Shawn refused to recycle, on Earth Day of all days! 

Congratulations, Keith, on your winning guess. 

Honorable Mention goes out to Clint for his astute (but unappetizing) guess.  How did he know that the bosss wife is in fact from a small town in Switzerland where her family runs a famous restaurant.  Coincidence?  I wonder.

Thanks to Shawn and Louisa for playing along.  No hard feelings, right guys? 

(Note to self:  Consider hiring a food taster.)



Last Tuesday, 22 April, received report that janitor found the body of AAOA tech support employee Shawn slumped in his chair in front of his computer.  Co-workers interviewed reported that Shawn always looked  like that when he was working so no one noticed that he was stone-cold dead. When officers arrived at 1900 hrs, the room had grown dark, but an officer noticed the light switch was on. The janitor told officers that he came into the room as he does every weekday to empty the trash can, but it is missing from the office.  Janitor reports typical contents for this office trash can include: eight 6 oz. plastic water bottles, two empty cans Red Bull, newspaper sections typically folded origamically, as in a pirate’s hat configuration. Victim had typed out an interoffice email near the estimated time of death, but it appears to be in some kind of geek-speak that is of yet indiscernible. It has been forwarded to NASA for further analysis. Meanwhile, the only other lead at this time, aside from victim’s unexplained sticky fingers, is a trail of windows he left open on his computer screen.  These are the last three pages he visited:

Link One

Link Two

Link Three

What was Shawn trying to tell us?

Be the first to guess correctly and win a $25 Gift Certificate (to your choice of Starbucks, Target, Office Max, Lowe’s or Home Depot.)

The correct answer MUST include:  


HOW, and

WHY this crime was committed.

YOUR ANSWER MUST BE SPECIFIC. Details are everything when it comes to solving a crime.



1.  There can be only one winner per contest.  Our winner is determined as the first person to guess the correct answer.

2.  You must place guesses in the comments section of THIS blog entry. Do not call or email – it doesnt count.

3.  Each comment can only contain one possible answer. You can comment any number of times.

4.  We have designated the correct answer in advance. That is the only answer that will be accepted. Competing answers that fit some or all of the clues will not be considered. It is in the sole discretion of the blog editor to determine the winner.

5.  You cannot cheat. If you cheat, you will be disqualified. Cheating is any device you come up with that gives you an unfair advantage over other participants.  This includes, but is not limited to, loading your comments with piles of data that may also include the correct answer buried inside, like the phone book or city name directory, use of some superstatistical computer or program, any form of hacking, spying or other devious means. It is solely up to the discretion of the blog editor to determine if you cheated.

6.  We must be able to mail you your prize. Once you have been identified as a winner, we will contact you via email to obtain your mailing address.  If we cannot contact you, or you do not provide the address or other information required by law within thirty days of request, the prize will be forfeited.  No other winner will be chosen.

7.  If you knew the answer before this posting, or are an AAOA insider, you are disqualified.

8.  If your guess gets caught in the spam filter, or is otherwise lost in Internet limbo, that guess is disqualified.  Check the comment section to insure that your guess landed on the page.

9. This contest will terminate no later than thirty days from the date the last clue is posted.

10 This contest is void anywhere and under any circumstances that it is illegal.

11.  This contest is terminated if computer or Internet glitches render it impossible.

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  • John Thompson

    I think the janitor did it. Hit him over the head with the wastebasket, because he was tired of emptying the trash.

  • Carmen

    A CFL near Shawn’s office was broken while the light switch was on. Shawn ignored the broken CFL and waited for a long while before looking up online to find out how to dispose the broken CFL. In the meantime, he was breathing in the hazardous airborne particles. He eventually cleaned up the broken CFL as suggested in one of the links he visited. He placed the broken CFL in the recycle bid and placed it somewhere else other than the regular place where the janitor usually empties. He went to back to his office and work and feel really sick after a while. He typed out an e-mail to get help right before he died.

  • Tim

    Shawn broke the CFL while the light switch was on.
    He immediately cleaned it off his desk unprotected and started feeling ill,breathing in the hazardous airborne particles and getting it on his hands. Wondering why he felt ill, Shawn looked on the internet for info at Earth Day. There he found a reference that lead him to the second window on CFL’s. Realizing the danger, he carried the trash can and placed it near the dumpster. He went to back to his office to work and started feeling sick after a while. He started typing an e-mail to get help but he becoame incoherent before he died.

  • Dan

    the CFL burst and some mercury fell on the cookies he was eating. He ate them and ingested the mercury while cleaning up the broken tubes and putting them in the trash. He then noticed his AAOA dues were overdue and died of a heart attack.

  • Nick

    Shawn’s co-workers did not like him because he never recycled his plastic, aluminum, and paper waste. They tried to at least get him to start using CFLs, so they broke into his office and changed the bulb. When the bulb broke, Shawn did not know what to do as he was very “non-green conscious.” He got on the internet but asphyxiated due to inhaled toxins from the CFL before he could finish his research. His “geek speak” was actually just jibberish as he was already beginning to lose his faculties. His coworkers are guilty of criminal neglect.

  • Clint

    Shawn had a cranial embolism which was exasperated by the flickering lighting in the office. The reason the trash can was missing is that he was having an affair with the bosses wife and had previously barfed up the meal she cooked him (due to the nausea caused by the embolism)The meal would have been the definitive clue as the woman is from a little village in Switzerland where her family is famous for the recipe of the dinner which Shawn barfed up. Obviously the woman had to take the trash can with the contents inside, to another location, as she ran from the horrible situation she found herself within.

  • The murder was committed by none other than Green Feature Writer, Louisa May! Louisa had seen Shawn’s waste basket, filled with empty water bottles, Red Bull cans, and newspapers, all things that he SHOULD have been recycling! Louisa snapped, broke a CFL from Shawn’s office and poisoned his Red Bull with the mercury, (thus his sticky fingers from the sugary drink.) She then staged the murder scene to look like an accident. (Of course, she couldn’t resist recycling the trash upon leaving the scene!) Shawn, upon feeling the effects of the mercury, suspected Louisa had poisoned him. (He had thought it strange that she would bring him a can of Red Bull.) He then attempted to let his coworker know what had happened, but expired while attempting to write the interoffice email.

  • Leon

    The CFL broke and some of the mercury dropped into the Red Bull. He looked up the CFL page on how to handle the broken CFL. The first step on the CFL page is to “Open a window and leave the room for 15 minutes.” Since it’s been a long day, he was not thinking clearly. He opened a third “window” on the computer screen instead of the real window of the building. Before he took out the trash, he drank the Red Bull. After 15 minutes, he came back to the room and started writing an email. The mercury was still in the air inside the room since he opened the wrong window. He felt ill and his hands slumped on the keyboard. His hands accidentally hit the send button. Finally he slumped in his hair and died.

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