Easter Bunny Eviction Case Going to Trial

A woman who claims she was evicted last spring over an Easter decoration will get her day in court.  The case is scheduled to go before a jury tomorrow — just in time for this Easter holiday.
The Boulder, Colorado woman refused to pay rent after her property manager removed a “Peeps” decoration displayed in the hallway outside of the woman’s apartment.  The manager has stated she was concerned the sugar might attract pests. The landlord filed for eviction over the unpaid rent, and the tenant counter-sued, claiming she was driven from the property.
The case quickly made  national news, and rose to celebrity status when the tenant was invited to speak to Comedy Central’s fake newsman Stephen Colbert, who satirically portrayed the events as an attack on Easter.
At stake is about $2,000 in unpaid rent – and more than $10,000 for the landlord’s attorneys fees.
The jury will decide, possibly on Good Friday, whether the tenant was justified in withholding her rent payment in protest over her decorations.
If the jury doesn’t agree with the tenant,  the court then will determine whether the landlord was justified in incurring such a hefty legal bill to resolve this case.
We’ll bring you the verdict as the case goes forward.

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