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Your Rental Housing Solution Since 2004
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Out of 150+ legal forms offered on AAOA, there are 5 you should definitely have on hand. If you have not updated your forms in the last 12 months, be sure to download the new versions below which have been created by a team of legal professionals.

1. State-Specific Lease Agreement

AAOA’s form builder allows you to customize your lease and takes the guesswork out for you. Just answer a simple questionairree and you’ll get a strong, state-compliant lease that protects you and clearly stipulates your rules and lease terms to the tenant. All leases include disclosure forms that are required  for your state and property type such as lead paint, mold, bed bugs, etc. Never worry again if your lease has everything it needs.

Start a State-Specific Lease Agreement

2. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

A notice to pay rent or quit is used to advise the tenant they are in violation of the rental agreement. The form provides the tenant to either pay the past due amount of rent by a specific date or vacate the premises. In some states, serving the wrong form could invalidate the notice. Use AAOA’s state-specific notices so you can ensure you are serving the correct notice with the proper legal language.

Start a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

3. Notice of Entry

A notice to entry is required in most states whether you are entering for a routine inspection, necessary repairs, or to show the property to a potential buyer or new tenant. AAOA’s form builder will create a form based on your state’s Notice of Entry laws, if any. We recommend providing a notice regardless of whether it’s required in your state though, as it helps build better relationships with your tenants.

Start a Notice of Entry

4. Notice of Termination of Tenancy

Typically a termination notice is provided at the end of an annual lease or to end a month-to-month agreement. However, providing the wrong termination notice can result in an unwanted tenancy. Make sure you use this state-specific form that ensures a smooth move-out.

Start a Notice of Termination of Tenancy

5. Comprehensive Rental Application

Where the basic application to rent is a short 2 page document, this comprehensive application to rent is 6 pages of detailed data gathering. Landlords, owners, and property managers who take the utmost care in screening prospective new tenants should be utilizing this form.

Download a Free Rental Application





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