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By Craig Mcilvain,

It’s not every day that you imagine the landlord as a victim, but it can and does happen all the time.

We want to see the best in everybody. Often we go out of our way to help others. In some cases, it’s as simple as opening the door for somebody with their hands full, or you may on rare occasions lend somebody $20 not expecting anything in return.

Things that contribute to this behavior are social norms for people to be “nice” to one another.

One of the realities about human behavior is that we are “wired” to closely follow social norms. It can be very hard to deviate from social norms as this causes significant stress.

Psychologically speaking, not following a particular social norm can internally feel like you’re putting yourself outside of that society. So we generally avoid breaking social norms.

In a twisted way, this can be used by criminals to get people to be overly trusting and helpful only to later be scammed.


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This article was featured in an edition of AAOA Today and was hand selected by our editors as a piece of interest for American Apartment Owners Association Members.

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