Crime-Free Seal of Approval Could Reduce Landlord Liability, Attract Tenants

Police Offer Crime Prevention Certificate Training for Property Managers, Landlords
When a tenant commits crimes on your property, it’s a nightmare for you and for the entire neighborhood.
The Mesa, Arizona Police Department decided to do something about the number of crime reports generated from rental properties: talk to landlords.  Police officers found that many landlords were unaware of the crimes being committed, and also of how to prevent crime on their properties. The officers developed an education program designed to foster cooperation with landlords.
The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was successful -so much so that it took to the road, and has now spread to around 2,000 cities in 44 states.
Completion of the program requires three steps:  First, the property manager or landlord attends an 8 hour seminar to learn about crime prevention and awareness, and to develop a better understanding of how to work with the police.  Then, an officer will inspect the property and look for vulnerabilities, like easy-to-rig locks, and make recommendations to reduce crime.  Finally, the manager or landlord must commit to participate in an annual community awareness training – although that is tagged a ‘social’.
The police departments participating are hoping to reduce the number of calls and create safer neighborhoods.
Landlords stand to gain from lower risk of lawsuits, attracting better tenants, and fewer property management headaches.
And who knows, maybe if you show your certificate to your agent, you just may get a break on your property insurance!
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