City Puts Landlords on Notice

hCity officials in Saginaw, Michigan are implementing a new program that they hope will offer landlords a better view of activities at their rental properties.

Landlords are often unaware if police or fire officials have visited a rental property. Chances are the tenant won’t say anything, and neighbors may not want to get involved.

The city has now offered to provide email alerts directly to the landlord in the event of criminal activity, vandalism, and fires. The reports will include the date, time, location, type of incident, and case number. To receive reports, the landlord must register with the city.

The move comes at a time when the city is considering a rental law that will hold landlords accountable for criminal activities of their tenants, according to a news report. A spokesperson told reporters that a notification system will be necessary to enforce the proposed rule, and also helps the city track nuisance properties.

The program melds the City’s list of registered rental properties with the Police Department’s ARMS reporting software and GIS data. The alerts will go out on a weekly basis.

A spokesperson says that a pilot run went smoothly, and the program will soon be ready for launch, with a targeted August 4th start-up date. So far, about 800 out of 4,800 rentals have been registered, according to the report.

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