City Launches “Operation Move Out”

Sometimes it takes a village.

That’s what the city of Charleston, S.C. has discovered when it comes to July move-outs. Characterized by ill-planning on the part of a large population of student renters, the end of July is a desperate time as city officials, residents, and local service providers try to pick up the pieces — and the trash and furniture left behind.

According to the local news, this year could be different, with the launch of “Operation Move Out”, a multifaceted plan designed to counter the chaos.

The plan starts with fliers, prepared by the city and distributed to tenants via their landlords, outlining the rules concerning trash.  No leaving open bags on the street, and no couches abandoned curbside.

This week,  the city’s “Livability” Code Enforcement officers will be on the street patrolling, and doling out fines to offending tenants if need be.

Tenants are encouraged to donate unwanted items ahead of the the move, and national charities will be on hand to pick up furniture and household goods.

“Operation Move Out” officially kicks off July 28, according to the report.

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