City Getting Tough on Bedbugs — and Landlords

 Landlords and tenants are the focus of a proposed new law in Biddeford, Maine aimed at curbing the tide on bedbug complaints.

Without discussion, the city council passed approved an ordinance that would spell out the procedures landlords must follow should bedbugs make their way into an apartment building.

Parroting the state’s law on the subject, the ordinance means bedbug complaints would be enforceable at the local level, and city officials could levy fines on uncooperative landlords — as high as $2,500, according to a news report.

The ordinance lays out timelines for inspection and treatment of an infestations — five days to inspect after receiving notice, 10 days to get a pest control expert on the job.

Tenants would also have a role in notifying landlords and cooperating with remediation efforts.

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