Are You Ready For Summer?

businessman at beachLast Saturday marked the first day of May and you know what that means¦ summer is right around the corner!

Ahh summertime¦ swimming, BBQs, vacations and lying out at the beach, let the fun times begin!

As a renter, however, summer vacations can provide a tricky situation when it comes to paying rent on-time. If your vacation lies on the first of the month, you have one more added hassle of remembering to send or drop off the rent check before you leave.

And if you forget, youre welcomed home with a late fee added on to your normal monthly rent payment. College students who leave and go home for the summer also deal with a similar hassle of remembering to send in their rent check on-time. Those problems would all be eliminated if their apartment building accepted electronic payments.

Property management companies can provide their residents with an added amenity, and much needed convenience, by accepting credit cards and e-checks for paying rent. Renters who are going on vacation can now have multiple e-payment options to pay their rent including: online, by phone, or by text message.

If you are already accepting electronic payments, youre far ahead of your competition. If you do not currently accept credit cards and e-checks for rent payments and security deposits, you can learn more about how it all works and the benefits by reading a recently published white paper, Rent in the 21st Century (click here to download).

Now that the weather is getting nicer and summer is approaching, take the time to setup an electronic payment service so your residents can relax on their summer vacations and enjoy the sun.

This article was written by Kris Rudeegraap, Marketing Coordinator for RentPayment. For more information visit or email [email protected] or call 1-866-289-5977 ext 212.

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