4 Ways for Landlords To Lower Costs

The observance of earth day on April 22 is an ideal time of year to look around and track some local carbon footprints.

Sustainable living is a growing trend that can be a fun way for tenants and landlords alike to save money while living and feeling healthier.

Making your property more sustainable and energy efficient can be much more attainable and cost effective than you may think.

There are a number of quick, cheap tips available to the savvy landlord:

Some landlords are educating and inspiring tenants to adopt some greener habits. It can be as simple as shutting off energy sapping devices while not using them. Some devices may appear to be off but will continue to draw power until unplugged –namely computer monitors and televisions.  Maybe tenants will do that last quick check to make sure their cell phone charger isnt going to be plugged in all weekend for no reason. Situations like those can add up to major loss of energy when multiplied all over town.

Renters all over are supporting a sustainable local community by arranging weekly deliveries from local farms. Many landlords encourage tenants to start community gardens. Residents can take joy growing fresh organic food for picnics or even donate it back into the community –perhaps while cultivating a compost garden to reduce the amount of trash needing to be hauled off to the dump.

Planting trees can add to the allure of the complex and is one of the most cost-effective methods to filter excess CO2 (and many other pollutants) from the air. Trees also provide shade which can lower cooling costs during those upcoming heat waves.  Dont be afraid to boast your vow to only endorse the use of environmentally friendly landscaping practices.

Spring is a classic time of new awakening and is increasingly an enjoyable time of year for renters and their landlords to do some spring greening. Maybe the spring showers will be a natural inspiration to add a relaxing new water-saving shower head and energy-efficient compact florescent light to the bath — or countless other earth friendly habits to discover.

People feel that a landlord concerned about the environment is a landlord concerned with the general health and well-being of their tenants, and the rest of the neighborhood.

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