3 Ways to Improve Your Tenants

Every landlord wants to find a responsible tenant — someone who will keep the property clean and well-maintained. But it takes a series of responsible tenants to keep your rental property profitable.

Tenants can’t do it alone — even the best ones need a little guidance to pull it off.

Adopt these policies, and you just may improve your tenants:

Spell It Out In The Lease

Tenants aren’t going to know what’s expected with your property. Sure, some things are just common sense, but there’s no harm in saying it anyway. Other responsibilities may not be so clear because they are specific to your property.  The tenant won’t know what’s expected unless you tell them. Go over those provisions in the lease together so the tenant can ask questions.

Show Them Around

Provide your tenants with an orientation as they are moving in. Go over policies relating to your property, like smoking prohibitions and noise rules. Also, demonstrate the proper use of appliances.  Provide a checklist for keeping the property clean. Go over what to do in the case of fire, and how to contact you for emergencies.  Encourage them to contact you when they see the need for repairs.

Get Comfortable With Being the Enforcer

Conduct routine inspections on a regular basis. By catching problems early, the tenant still has time to change bad habits before the end of the lease — when the real damage can add up.

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