Member Benefits Survey Results

coffee meeting professionalHere at AAOA we want to make sure we are offering as many benefits as possible to make your membership worth every penny. Rather than guess what we think you might like we went directly to you to get your firsthand opinion. We have good news, some of these suggested benefits are already in the works!

After reaching out to thousands of members with our survey it became very clear which benefits to make a priority. Members were asked to select up to three features they’d like to see AAOA offer in the future. Here’s how the member benefits ranked according to AAOA members who participated.

Your Top Three Choices

  1. 73% voted “Allow Tenant to Pay for Tenant Screening Report”

When ordering a tenant screening report, have the option to let the tenant pay for the report instead of you. This is a request we get on a daily basis, so we saw this one coming. Development for this feature is in the works right now and is set to launch in 2017. Rather than get a check from the tenant before you run a report, you can just have the tenant pay for it with their credit card online when you place an order. Isn’t that so much easier?

  1. 31% voted “Online Education”

Live and recorded webinars on topics such as bookkeeping, eviction, HUD compliance, marketing vacant units, and more. We’re super excited to announce this benefit is coming to you later this week! We have some wonderful speakers lined up and education is FREE for Basic and Value members. We hear you loud and clear, AAOA members need to be in the know.

  1. 54% voted “Rental Listings”

Post and search new rental listings was also a popular choice. We did not think this would be a top answer, so we’ve set a new priority to look into how to make this available to AAOA members. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Other Features

  1. 17% voted “Property Management Credentials: Online courses to become an accredited and certified property manager”
  1. 17% voted “Discount Insurance: Add a new vendor partner that would provide discounts on insurance”
  1. 77% voted “Properties for Sale: Post and search available properties for sale”
  1. 35% voted “Networking Opportunities: Meetings, conferences, and other events where you can meet other AAOA members and vendors”
  1. 74% voted “Other”
  1. 29% voted “Jobs Board: Post and search new jobs for positions relevant to the rental housing industry”