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Kids handsA ten-year-old boy from Colorado recently learned that thousands of kids in America go hungry every day.
Stunned by this news, he’s doing something to help.
This fifth grade boy knows he can’t possibly feed every hungry child in America.  But he wants to make each hungry kid feel special by giving them a gift of kid-friendly food, like popcorn.
So, with an adult mentor, he built a special web site called  He’s raising money to give special tins of popcorn (supplied by Boy Scouts) to kids across America that are in need.
All the popcorn will be distributed to the kids throughout the holiday season by a national food bank.
This young man is learning to tap consumers, businesses and civic groups in his quest.  He knows it will put a smile on the face of hungry children this season when they receive a tin of fancy popcorn from another kid.
In fact, Network Solutions has just agreed to sponsor him with a Contest, which they are actively marketing on their social networking sites.  This week only, Network Solutions will match your donations up to $500.
To donate, visit  Every dollar helps.
Your donation will not only feed a hungry child, it will inspire kids everywhere that they can make a difference in the lives of others.
This program is only available until October 18, so please act now.

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