Thermostats Drive Large Costs Savings For Landlords and Property Managers

Innovative Tamper Proof Thermostat Limits Temperature Settings to Prevent Energy Waste

by David Lowe

Property owners around the nation are all too familiar with the skyrocketing utility costs from wasted heating and cooling usage in their properties. Today, ControlTemp Thermostats is introducing a new lower-priced tamper proof thermostat designed to help property managers unleash technology to reduce property utility costs.

The intelligently designed CT100 thermostat is a simple, effective way to reduce utility costs in leased office space, retail space, apartments, and vacation homes where the property owner not the tenant pays the utility bills.

The seven day programmable tamper proof thermostat has a built in maximum heat limit of 72 degrees and a minimum air conditioning temperature of 75 degrees. These settings still allow the tenant to be comfortable by being able to make small temperature adjustments however the maximum and minimum settings prevent excessive energy waste commonly found in the rental market today.

Landlords and property managers come to us looking for solutions to drive down their utility costs. Unfortunately, most tenants think because utilities are included in their monthly rent that it is okay to turn up the heat while leaving the windows open or run the air conditioning continuously. Not only does it cost property owners hundreds or thousands more per month in wasted utility costs, it also causes excessive carbon emissions and excessive wear and tear on their HVAC system.

The key with the CT100 thermostat is that the temperature limits for heating and cooling are hard coded into the unit and cant be changed or tampered with by the tenants. The CT100 also has a seven day programmable schedule. The schedule is preset to the EnergyStar guidelines to automatically adjust the thermostat temperature setting throughout the day and on weekends. The schedule feature can drive significant savings by ensuring that the temperature is adjusted when the space is unoccupied.

An analysis developed using tools by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that landlords and property managers can reduce their heating and cooling costs as much as 32 percent by using the CT100 programmable tamper proof thermostats compared to a non-programmable thermostat.

The thermostats can also help property managers qualify their properties as Green. The reduced energy consumption from installing a CT100 thermostat can lead to reducing a propertys Carbon Footprint by as much as 2,000lbs per year. In addition, due to the seven day programming capability, the CT100 may qualify for energy rebates as high as $100 per unit from many local utilities and government agencies.

The ControlTemp CT100 programmable tamper proof thermostat is available immediately and is priced at only $69.99. For additional information, visit the companys website at

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