How Online Rental Applications Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

coffee laptop online internetFinding success as a property investor means staying on top of today’s rental market trends. According to the Rental Protection Agency, 40% of renters in the US are between the ages of 15 and 34. As seen in previous years homeownership rates are still falling. To keep vacancies down and take advantage of this influx of renters, it’s important that you make the rental process as simple as possible for applicants otherwise you might miss out on a good tenant.

One way to attract more applicants is by providing an online rental application and lease form. Cloud-based property management software such as ManageZoom provides you with online template forms you can edit and send to potential renters. The best part is, renters can e-sign their forms which avoids the hassle of printing and the e-signed forms are saved in your ManageZoom account.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Sign up with ManageZoom
  2. Select a rental application template or upload your own
  3. Enter in the tenant’s email address
  4. Tenant clicks on a link, enters in information, and provides e-signature
  5. You receive an electronic copy of the application

This makes it extremely easy for the tenant who no longer needs to print, scan or fax the application back to you. It’s also easier for you the landlord, since you’ll have all rental applications filed online. You can go back to view applications and even attach a copy of their driver’s license or other documents to the application file.

Technology is making the process easier for property owners, so take advantage of the new tools the industry has to offer to make your business more profitable. The transition to paperless property management is already underway, don’t get left behind.